Frequently Asked Home Questions

Did you know...

that we were voted the best custom builder in Loudoun
County for 5 consecutive years in a local poll?

Give us a call on to set up a no
obligation meeting at our offices here in Middleburg.

Where do you build?

We build primarily in Loudoun, Fauquier, and Clarke counties. We have also built in Fairfax, Prince William, Madison, and Frederick counties.

Do you build on only your lots?

No, we are a custom builder and over 90% of our building is on our client’s lot.

Do you lots, if I do not yet have a lot?

Yes, we keep a small inventory of exceptional lots in and around Middleburg and in Loudoun and Fauquier counties. These lots are ideal for clients that may be interested in building a Schulz Custom Hybrid Home in these locations. These lots start from $299,000 and range in size from 3 to 50-acres. Please visit our LOTS page to see our current listings.

How long have you been building custom homes in the local area?

2012 is our 25th anniversary of building fine custom homes in Northern Virginia.

Do you have home plans?

Yes, we have an extensive portfolio of designs that we can build for you. We can also build from your plans, if you already have one. Please visit our PLANS page to view a sampling of fine custom homes we have built.

What do your homes cost per square foot?

Pricing a home by the square foot is similar to attempting to price a car by the pound, there are numerous variables that make up the price. Two cars could both weigh 4,200 lbs can be priced quite differently. Generally speaking, custom homes in our area cost between $175-$300/sf.

What is your Hybrid Home?

A hybrid home is similar to a hybrid auto. A hybrid auto uses both electricity and gas to propel itself. A hybrid home uses both electricity from an electric utility, such as NOVEC and Dominion Power, and electricity it produces using solar PV modules. In addition, our Hybrid Homes may have added insulation, hi-performance windows and doors, geothermal ground-source heat pumps, energy-saving lighting, and an emergency back-up generator.

Should I consider building a custom Hybrid Home, if I am considering building a custom home?

We believe that with recent significant changes in technology and financial incentives for renewable energy, hybrid homes now offer an attractive alternative to conventional custom homes in our area.

Why are other custom builders in our area not offering Hybrid Homes like Schulz Homes?

The residential construction industry, including custom home builders, has historically been, much like the Detroit auto makers, the last ones to adapt to a changing environment. As long as you, the consumer, continue to buy homes designed for a world of cheap fuel prices, custom builders will not offer energy-saving Hybrid Homes. It is only when consumers demand Hybrid Homes will the building industry offer them. I have little doubt than in 5 or 10-years virtually all homes built in America will have many of the features we are incorporating in our Hybrid Homes today.

Are there tax incentives available today to build your Hybrid Home?

Absolutely! Many of the features of our Hybrid Homes have Federal tax incentives. For example, should you install solar PV modules on your home there is a 30% tax credit which is uncapped that you can take advantage of. For example, install $50,000 in solar PV modules on your custom Hybrid Home you will receive $15,000 in Federal tax credits, in addition to saving on your monthly electric bill. This is a huge tax incentive to install solar PV modules. Other features have tax credits that you can take advantage of as well, unlike the solar PV there is typically a cap on the tax credit available to you.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

We usually tell our clients it takes 12 months from start to finish for a typical custom home. If the home is unusually large, say over 10,000 sf, then the completion time could be somewhat longer. Included in the 1-year construction period is the 3-4 months it typically takes to obtain approvals and permits to commence construction. Call us today, move in this time next year.

What size homes do you build?

Over the past 25-years, we have built homes ranging in size from a 2,000 sf cabin in the woods to a 15,000 sf castle on the Potomac River. We have built all shapes and sizes!

Do you have a particular style you prefer to build?

No. We enjoy building any style, whether it be Georgian, Williamsburg, European Country, American Farmhouse, Cottage, Craftsman, or Modern as long as the design is well-executed. As a custom builder, we have done many of each style over the past 25-years here in Northern Virginia.

Who do I deal with when I contract to build a custom home with Schulz Homes Corp?

You deal with all of us on the Schulz Homes team from the day you first walk into our office here in Middleburg until months after you have moved in and need routine service. We still run into clients we built custom homes for 10, 15, and even 20-years ago. Unlike other custom builders, Dale Schulz, the owner, is actively involved in the construction of your custom home. He enjoys it! You will get to know all of us on the Schulz Homes team.

What awards have you earned?

We were voted the best custom builder in Loudoun County for 5 consecutive years in a local poll.

What is the next step should I be considering building a custom home in the next year?

Give us a call on 540-687-3367 to set up a no obligation meeting at our offices here in Middleburg.