What is a Hybrid Home and How Will it Change Your Life?

What is a Hybrid Home and How Will it Change Your Life?

Hybrid homes are built by combining either timber or log with traditional construction. With these homes, the complexity of the interfaces between the log or timber and conventional elements are incorporated to come up with great entryways, rooms, balconies, gable accents, mantles, railings and stairs. They are built while carefully coordinating with pre-fabricated truss supplier, framing crews and finishing crews to have clean interfaces and suitable log or timber. They have electricity that operates from multiple sources such as stored power, alternative energy and on-grid.

Hybrid homes are best for those who prefer to have their entrance made from the simple elegance of logs and enjoy the drama of timber frame in their living room. These homes can have a stone fireplace in the outdoor living area. The idea behind hybrid homes is realized by combining decorative and structural elements as well as building techniques. Developers of these type of homes provide integrated design and building experiences for homeowners while they promote a contemporary approach to green technology.

A home that invests in alternative energy options becomes greener because of the electricity being produced on site and the utilization of less electricity that comes from the grid, reducing the carbon footprint of a home. A hybrid home creates power security and power savings. It is designed while taking into account the sensitivity of the future residents, their environment and their communities. A housing solution such as hybridization has a low impact, keeps a sense of continuity and normalcy while it providing the important amenities that every home owner would need.

Hybrid homes are a modern home construction that incorporates renewable energy and its price can be compared to a conventional custom home. Being able to live in a home that is made from nature’s bounty of safe and durable resources makes the difference between past and present lifestyles. Certainly, it is a life-changing experience to reside in homes that can help home owners become good citizens of this planet.

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