Norfolk Ridge

One of my favorite adages is that building in our cyber-space age really has not changed that much since the times of the Romans. Builders are still selected based on three inherent criteria: the uniqueness of their designs, quality of workmanship, and price. I firmly believe that if a prospective client is considering these items collectively, they could not make a better choice than Schulz Homes for building in Northern Virginia. We do not take a canned approach to designing custom homes. We have thousands of plans to work with, ranging from 3,000-20,000 square feet. We can work with our select architects or yours to customize your perfect design. We are also happy to build on your lot or help you find one. The bottom line is, you start the design process with us, and that relationship continues through to the completion of your dream home. The purchase of a home is amajor investment, but the process of having a custom home built can be extremely rewarding. Your choice of a qualified builder is critical to the success of your project, and I am confident that Schulz Homes is THE BEST choice!

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Pricing Subject to Change without notice Note: Schulz Homes reserves the right to substitute manufacturer brands of equipment.

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